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Im Blick. 66: Rip Bitcoin? – Boring Low, Michael B. Casey und Hype-Zyklus von Gartner

“Bitcoin ist tot” ist ein Satz, den man immer wieder zu hören bekommt, wenn der Preis so richtig crasht. Michael B. Casey veröffentlichte 2016, was er für den Preiszyklus von Bitcoin hält und bezog sich auf die Hype-Zyklen neuer Technologien von Gartner. Dies erklärt so einiges und will man dem Bericht von Criptonoticias glauben, dann […]

Why Bitcoin Fell After Stock Market Dump! Bitcoin Whales Stabilising Price? Blockstream BTC Liquid

With the stock market plunge the crypto markets respond in a way that some people weren’t expecting. We talk about why and how in the future this wont be the case. ——————————————————————– ⚡Links From The Video ⚡ ——————————————————————– ⚡Get Social – Get More Free Content⚡ SECRET 2ND CHANNEL – ARE YOU SUBSCRIBED? […]


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Latest Bitcoin Analysis As per Price Action – is BTC Ready for Bull Run???

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India Mainstream media seems to have no clue about bitcoin for last decade they have just been talking about how it is sucha bad thing , instead of educating people on this wonderful technology. main Article- Coincrunch Response – #CRYPTO CURRENCY NEVER SLEEPS #BITCOIN ***************TELEGRAM GROUP************** ******************TELEGRAM CHANNEL*********** ************ ALSO AVAILABLE […]

#비트코인 실시간 ★10월14일 암호화폐 소식★ by 시비코인 181014 #비트코인 #bitcoin #比特币 #ビットコイン

비트코인, 이더리움, 리플, 이오스, 에이다, 트론, 시아코인 등 가상화폐(암호화폐) 소식 전달 및 실시간 소통방송입니다. ★ 비트코인 NAVER Cafe [코인라운지] ☞ ★ 비트코인 해외거래소 [바이낸스] 가입 ☞ ★ 방송후원: 기업은행 212-106137-01-012 XX현 / 카톡: 12bj ★ 본 방송은 비트코인(Bitcoin) 및 암호화폐(Cryptocurrency) 투자 판단의 참고 자료일 뿐, 해당 종목(코인)의 가치 또는 상승과 하락을 보장하지 않습니다. […]

Segredos do Bitcoin 2 0 Vale a Pena? E FRAUDE? ATUALIZADO Curso Segredos do BitCOIN

?????? CURSO SEGREDOS DO BITCOIN, LINK DO VÍDEO COMPLETO ABAIXO ?????? ??Link : ?? CURSO SEGREDOS DO BITCOIN 2.0 Um Dos Maiores Especialistas e Maior Estrategista “Em Investimentos Com Criptomoedas”… Oi, eu sou Ronaldo Silva… O maior estrategista no mercado de criptomoedas. Comecei a investir no bitcoin em fevereiro de 2017. Naquela época […]

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Litecoin Explained | How Is It Different To Bitcoin?

Lets discuss very popular cryptocurrency in this episode, Litecoin! As with Bitcoin, Litecoin is an Open Source Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency. In fact, it was Bitcoin that inspired the creation of Litecoin, and technically is very identical to it, but also different in a select number of ways, which I’ll get into with you in this episode. […]